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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post

If you wanna consider Hank Aaron your home run king, do so, but its not like Neifi Perez is hitting 50 home runs. It's not ALLL the steriods. I'm just sayin people need to relax and not get all up and arms over something like this.l

You know what's kinda funny?

Hank had a HR 1 in every 16.4 ABs.

Barry (pre-balco[2000 and prior]) had 1 in every 15 ABs.

Hank's IBB: 293
Barry's (we're just talking pre-balco here, as in excluding the last 8 years) IBB: 296

It's borderline insane that Barry also had more BBs by 2000 than Hank did during his entire career.
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