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Originally Posted by dbfan4life View Post
Who gives a ****. He's a cheater just the same.

I'm not saying Barry didn't cheat. I could care less that he never got caught. All I know was that Barry's not the only one to use and deny. There are many others who have used and have not even been questioned. Why? Because they sucked. Being stronger doesn't help you suck less. I don't think performane enhancers helped Barry's hand-eye coordination. Did they? Maybe instead of blasting 500 ft shots he would have only hit the ball 400 ft. Still a HR. **** it. It's his record and I'm glad I got to see it happen.
Why is it a bigger story when the President breaks the law than when a regular citizen breaks the law? Answer, the President is a bigger figure. The same applies to Barroid, if he weren't breaking the record or in the game for that matter the scrutiny would fall elsewhere. But none of that is the case, the case is that Barroid admitted to using, he just "didn't know" it was juice so he's playing people for fools.

And yes, steroids increase muscle mass and muscle control, he's more able to wield the bat with more control, he's able to increase his power, hell he even said that balls that used to go off the wall or were popouts were now leaving the yard and he didn't know why. Horsesheet, he knew why but once again he's playing the public for fools. The juice gave him more lean muscle and fast twitch muscle mass that allows him to move the bat more quickly through the strike zone. They also increase his stamina and longevity and shorten the amount of time required for recouperation so instead of giving way to age like all athletes do, he IMPROVES his numbers. He goes from 1 hr/roughly 20 ABs in his first 11 years in the league to 1hr/roughly 10 ABs his last 11 in the league. Furthermore, even with the juice he still requires about every 3rd night off to rest his rickety a$$. F Barroid, he's not worthy of the record as a human being or as a player. He's done nothing to advance the game beyond what has always mattered most to him, Barroid. He's taken a number once held in awe and glory and summarily crapped on it. Now it's just a question of who can use more juice, faster without getting caught to break it because hell, if Barroid can break the record on the "cream and the clear" why the **** should anybody else NOT use?

Why bother telling your children not to cheat in school if their justification is, "Well the other kids do it too." sits all to well with you, and judging from some of the replies on the board, it does and that bothers me even more than Barroid's sham, and that's saying a lot.

Oh, PS: Bud Selig.....FOOOK YOU TOO! You colossal, driveling, middling, spineless ass clown for letting the long term validity and image of the game suffer because of your indifference, complacency, and/or compliance in turning a blind eye to this travesty all to bolster attendance to fans too stupid to appreciate a pitcher's duel or manufacturing runs with fundamental baseball. You're no better than Vince McMahon. So, to you I say...again....FOOOOK YOU!

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