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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Bonds is a complete Ahole and deserves everything he gets from pissed off fans. He treats reporters like crap from the days of his beginnings of MLB. Ask any reporter on him tha tisnt from SF. I love baseball but I hope they find out the truth on McGwire and Bonds so Astericks can go by their record. It is already suspected, let us know the full truth from the grand jury. The proof is out there.
Forget the asterisk. Wipe their ENTIRE records clean. Just put into the books:

Barry Bonds: Played, all records invalid due to steroid use
Mark McGwire: Played, all records invalid due to steroid use
Raphael Palmero: Played, all records invalid due to steroid use

and so on and so forth. Teams with convicted users should also be bumped to the bottom of the draft and all other teams bumped up to take those spots. Eat it! This would be particularly damning in the NFL and perhaps send a worthwhile message.
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