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Originally Posted by dbfan4life View Post
Those of you bashing Bonds now were probably the same ones cheering McGwuire's and Sosa's chase of Maris' single season record. Why is Barry's feat so much different? Congrats to Barry.
Sorry but that is a dumb argument. First of all that was before the whole steroids thing came about. Secondly it was because of those players that Barry supposedly starting juicing and after 1997 is when his numbers really started to jump. Most people if you asked them today would despise the fact that those two were even applauded for their feats. Third, Barry has continually tried to hide or deny he used roids. He beat out a guy who earned his record and who had to play in a time where he endured constant racism and even death threats , yet continued to play with class. Barry Bonds has no clue what the term class means.
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