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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
cheated or not, people need to relax on him. The amount of crap this guy has had to put up with over the past few years (for something tons of other players did too) is incredible. If i were him, i woulda punched numerous people out by now. I think he's shown restraint. How do you expect him to act
People don't need to do anything in regards to this guy. The guy earned the crap. It wasn't just the steroids, that was the frosting and asterik on the cake. The guy is a me only guy, his teammates can't stand him, most fans can't stand him, he embarrassed his family publicly, and he earned that all by himself also. Restraint? He doesn't give a damn about what people think, this is all about him. Always has been. Not helping his team, the benefits they got from his homeruns were a sidenote that he could care less about. How do I expect him to act? Just like he has.

Tons of other players may have done it also, but we haven't heard them bold face lie about it or go about achieving a great record as if it were their skills alone. Those that have are reaping the disdain now.....see Mark McGwire who will be chasing the HOF in vain and has an asterik by his achievements as well in many peoples minds. My amazement comes from people like you trying to tell us how to feel about this guy. The animosity people have towards him is something he truly earned himself. For me, Hank Aaron is still the homerun king and the crap he had to put up with was not earned, but the homerun record was.
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