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Originally Posted by UnderArmour View Post

Also, I'm still a bit skeptical about Bond's Steroid use, I can't say I entirely believe all of the myths behind it. Anyway, Congrats Bonds. Next destination HR #800.
He's already admitted to using steroids.

Admitted Using: Steroids (The Clear, The Cream)
What he said: Testifying before the BALCO Grand Jury, Bonds admitted to using two undetectable steroids from BALCO. He testified that he believed The Cream was an arthritis balm and the THG was flaxseed oil capsules. Both substances were given to him by his friend and trainer, Greg Anderson. His confidential testimony was leaked to the San Fransisco Chronicle; excerpts were published in a Dec. 3, 2004 article entitled What Bonds told BALCO grand jury.
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