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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by BroncoBen View Post
Well I am happy for Bonds and his family.. only history can judge.
What do you mean? Millions of fans know the outcome of his steroid useage. I hope that a grand jury will be the deciding factor that he is a cheat that broke a record that very few have owned. I believe i can name them on top of my head from the last 100 years. Homerun Baker, Babe Ruth, Aaron, and now Barroids. I just hope A rod isnt juiced so in 8 years or so I can be happy that he erased the only man without elephanttitus to increase his head and shoe size in his 30s. Anyone that enjoyed him taking this record on the conditions of cheating, how do you tell your kids that cheating in school does more harm than good? If i was your kid, I would laugh in your kiss ass face.
I went to the Angels game and they showed the hit between 6th and 7th inning. Glad Angels fans had the courage NOT to stand and clap. Most seemed disappointed. Unlike those sissy Madres fans that stood up and cheered. Shame on them! On a happier note, Angels win again and ready to sweep.
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