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My selection is Hank Luisetti, PG/SG, Stanford Cardinals (I'd list his pro teams, but there was no professional basketball at this time.)

Angelo "Hank" Luisetti (June 16, 1916 in San Francisco, California - December 17, 2002 in San Mateo, California) was a college men's basketball player and one of the great innovators to the game. In an era that featured the traditional two-handed set shot, Luisetti developed the running one-handed shot. Equipped with such an offensive weapon, Luisetti became one of the most dominant players in college basketball history. Playing for Stanford, he became the first player to score 50 points in a game on January 1, 1938 versus Duquesne. Luisetti was named the second-best player of the mid-century (behind George Mikan) by an Associated Press poll of sportswriters and broadcasters in 1950.


The One-handed Shot of Hank Luisetti
The game of basketball was changed completely during the 1930s by Hank Luisetti and his one handed shot.

The One-handed Shot in the 1930s of Hank Luisetti

‘It hardly seems possible today, but basketball was once a slow-moving, low-scoring game. A college kid with a ‘crazy’ shot changed it forever.

Once upon a time---and you young guys aren’t going to believe this---the total score of a basketball game was frequently 25 points or less. In 1926, for instance, City College of New York beat Villanova, 11-9, and lost a tough one to Carnegie The, 13-12. City also beat Dickinson, 15-7, and in a high-scoring game, defeated Temple, 15-14.

Then, one day 26 years ago, a young kid named Angelo Enrico (Hank) Luisetti came out of the West and did for basketball what Babe Ruth did for baseball and what Red Grange did for football. That is, he revolutionized the game. Playing for Stanford University, he made the one-handed shot famous---and basketball hasn’t been the same since.

There are those who say Luisetti was the best player ever. ‘I can’t remember anybody who could do more things,’ Clair Bee, one of the best of the basketball coaches, said not long ago. ‘He was an amazing marksman, a spectacular dribbler and an awfully clever passer,’ said Nat Holman, one of the Original Celtics. ‘The thing I remember about him,’ said Joe Lapchick, another old Celtic, ‘was his uncanny ability to control the ball while going at top speed.’

‘He was as far ahead of his time as Bob Cousy is ahead of the others today.’ said Pic Picariello, a Long Island University coach who goes back 35 years or so. In a poll of sportswriters taken a few years ago to determine the best basketball player of the half-century, only George Mikan drew more votes than Luisetti.

And a former teamate states: teammate PHIL ZONNE, "Michael Jordan is the only basketball player who's in the same category as Luisetti."

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