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Originally Posted by rubaiyat View Post
Yeah the offer as it stands is pretty steep. Young Big and two quality youngsters AND 2 #1's I guess they get to drop Telfair, but still...oooph.
The two #1s are the C's 2009 1st and the 1st Minny owes them from the Davis/Wally deal of a few years back.

The team got old real fast but I can't complain. The Celtics franchise needs a major adjustment to its reputation, credibility, and mindset. Thats only happening if they start winning big games. Otherwise we see predicaments like this off-season started out with, where Garnett, Marion, O'Neal, etc. all said they wanted nothing to do with Boston. Its not because of a racist image. This franchise did more for breaking down racial barriers in the NBA than any other team. Its because for over a decade now they've sucked.

KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen can change that. You add Rondo, a talented PG who can't shoot but is a tenacious defender with good ball skills, and Kendrick Perkins, a sizable low post presence who will be the best defensive support in the paint KG has ever seen, and you got a damn good starting 5.

Its pretty conflicted on if Gomes is really included in this deal, but either way its a move you make. Jefferson could be great some day, KG is great now at the same time PP and RA are great. Gerald Green had potential, but he wouldn't spend more than 10 minutes a night on the court with Pierce and Allen manning his two applicable positions.

Now all thats left is for the C's to fill out their bench. They drafted a decent 1/2 guard tweener and Glenn Davis who, if he keeps his weight down, will have a good NBA career. He's strong, wide, and very athletic. Add a PG like Brevin Knight and another big paint defender (Mutombo would be awesome) to help KG in the paint when Perkins fouls out and this team is ready to roll over the eastern conference.
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