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Originally Posted by No1BroncoFan View Post
I would go with "very dark." Blood bath implies a lack of story which is filled in by senseless killing where the deaths in "Deathly Hallows" are an integral part of the story line. Although I thought the ending a tad weak, the story on the whole is very strong. I blasted through the audio books in less than a week to prepare for the seventh book. Now that I've read it, I'm gonna go back and read the entire series again (actually read them). Once I'm done with that I should be able to pick a favorite.

If you haven't seen "Order of the Phoenix" yet, GO! It's definitely the best of the movies so far. Strange thing is, it was the weakest of the books. I guess that kinda makes sense. My favorite of the books (that have made it to the big screen) was "Prisoner of Azkaban" and that was certainly the worst of the five movies.

***SPOILERS***** mostly for the Order of the phoenix movie but a few minor ones for Harry Potter 7.

I said blood bath because she was knocking off so many characters. Plus over 50 namless people died at the end. I thought the last chapter should had been longer, she didnt explain what happend to the rest of the characters and it all seemed kind of cheesy.I did like the kids name though A.S.P. I also would have liked Ginny and Luna to have had bigger roles. But the book was great. I went and reread(listen to 5 and 6) all the books right before the 7th book came out. Plus watched all the movies again. I did go see Order of the Phoenix. I was disappointed. It was good, but I thought it was to choppy and rushed. It really needed to be 3 hours to be great.Plus I really didnt like the fight scene at the end. I hated the deatheater fight with them flying around in clouds of smoke. At the time I had no idea were they got that crap from. But you find out in book seven and even then there is only two people who can do it.Plus Dumbledore fight needed to be longer and there needed to be a better explanation of the prophecy.Thought Cho changs kiss was to long and didnt like her being the betrayer. I was really disapointed in Snapes flashback. After seeing it I was ready to give up on my theory of him and Lily. Anyways Im sad there isnt going to be anymore Harry Potter. It would nice if she started another series with Ted, asp or anyone really. Just having it in the same world would be nice.Kind of like the star treks.

For the people who like to read backwards
***SPOILERS***** mostly for the Order of the phoenix movie but a few minor ones for Harry Potter 7

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