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Originally Posted by vancejohnson82 View Post
Yao is a chump... top 15 7 footers of all time, because there haven't been that many 7 footers that could actually play in this league........the rest were "good" or just plain jokes.....Yao disappears for stretches of games

trashing everyone else's picks is useless unless you are willing to take some heat yourself
Yao has gotten better every season. Last season he avg 25 ppg and started in the All-Star game. 3rd team All NBA in 06, last year 2nd team behind Amare, talk about soft on D. If would have been healthy he's first team no doubt. At 7-6 he is huge, hit's his free throws, has great touch. I don't understand the hate. I'll give you he doesn't take over games and isn't as aggressive as we'd all like to see him be, but he's a foriegn guy who didn't grow up banging 3 guys, getting hacked to score in a game of 21.

And, he's just my backup C, my starter is a Hall of Famer!

Again, I'm not "trashing EVERYONE'S" picks, just a few like that goon Laimbeer. My team has a ton of scorers yeah, but MVPS also. "Bird for 3!!!"

Ludo - I aint mad atcha dog!!! lmao, you gotta admit, that post was funny!
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