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Originally Posted by freak6 View Post
Ludo PM'd me his pick.

He selects Marcus Stevenson.

A 1st team all city PG for the Madison City YMCA Cougars - Marcus enjoys coloring, Playstation, and watching Spongbob.

Marcus shot 52% from the field and averaged a triple double leading his team to the YMCA title over the Caribou from nearby Hershaelville.

Some of his famous quotes include
- "It was like I hit the circle button huh coach!"

- "I learned that move from my older brother, he has stinky armpits"

- "When do we get the orange slices"

That's just wrong......

BTW, I know that Bobhorry5 was considering taking that guy late, just to make a point. You stole his thunder Freak!
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