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i will now pick and take a another banger of my own Charles Oakley
pf and team spokesperson
"If it ain't broke, don't break it." [1]
"They're like contracts. Everybody's got one. Some are just bigger than others." - Oakley on the entourages of NBA players. [2]
"If you have a horse that isn't winning any races, sooner or later you have to get a new jockey." - Oakley, on Chicago Bull's coach Tim Floyd. [3]
"I'm cool with whatever. I'll just keep eating my bread, sipping my soup and serving my time. But the chicken is going to lay some more eggs one day." - Oakley as a veteran, on being benched in favor of teenagers. [4]
"It was like the police trying to stop a shootout: You gotta have your gun out. Don't go out there with your hands down." - -Oakley, on Knick's coach Jeff Van Gundy getting headbutted while trying to stop Marcus Camby from suckerpunching Danny Ferry. [5]
"Oh well, that's basketball. It used to be basketball. I don't know what it is now." - -Oakley, on the flagrant foul he was assessed for flattening the Nets' Kenyon Martin. [6]
"You got to know when enough's enough. You want to rob the bank, but you better not be complainin' when you get caught. In my day, a guy who jumps that high with that many tatoos, he would've wound up sitting on the floor at least once. It's just the kind of player (Martin) is. And the kind of guy I am." - Oakley, on Kenyon Martin and his flagrant foul reputation. [7]
"He's a lawyer, not a GM. You can't spend $250 million on contracts and not make the playoffs. Vince Carter's mom runs that team. She's the GM." - Oakley on Toronto GM Glen Grunwald. [8]
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