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Originally Posted by vancejohnson82 View Post
your bench is weak

Yao - shies away at any kind of contact/pressure
Brand - likes to put up 20-10 numbers in games his team loses
Paul Pierce - I actually like Pierce but what has he won??
NBA Finals MVP - product of a great team (a lot of guys could have pulled this off, including youngins' like TJ FORD or Deron Williams)

get off your own team's sack a little bit
You can't make statement like that about Yao, he doesn't shy away from 'any kind of contact', but you can't expect him to be Shaq. He's one of the best 7 footers in NBA history already, top 15 at least.

Brand and the Clippers did beat the Nuggets in the Playoffs last year...Right? But then again, he is a loser right? But I guess because he plays in the West he's garbage right, behind Duncan, K.G., Dirk, and the other PFs...

Pierce sucks also because he hasn't won anything...errr...

And last but not least TJ Ford = Chauncy Billups..........

I digress, my team is bunch of selfish gunners that don't win games, MVPS, let alone championships...

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