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Originally Posted by freak6 View Post
So Bill Laimbeer is one of the top 128 players of all time?

Ok. For a guy whose best years were behind him when he turned into a thug hockey enforcer for the Pistons.

Would the Pistons have still won those 2 championships without Bill Laimbeer? Probably. How much better did he really make them? Even in his prime, they couldn't get past the 6ers or Celtics.

As far as Hornacek, he was solid and a good shooter, but there are about 12 guards drafted after him, Kerr, and the Microwave that are better.

To each his own. This is just for fun, and if guys wanna take dudes they cheered for, so be it.

Personally, I'd put my bench up against most of these teams starters with confidence!
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