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Wow, we've got some nice, beefy guys here. But don't's all good. Women like trampolines of love.

There's a radical diet that's kinda crazy but it works. But be careful doing this:

1. Go to an extremely rough neighborhood.
2. Walk past gangs.
3. Give them the finger and shout, "YOUR MAMA." in any language, this is trouble.
4. Run like hell.
5. Go home and drink a lot of water.

It's the equivalent to an obstacle course and cardiovascular fitness. You run for your life (thus accelerating heart rate), improve flexibility (by diving over cars and dashing through traffic). Burn calories (by dodging bullets and bottles).

There are two drawbacks to this diet.

One, you cannot do this in one place more than once.

And two, it has a high mortality rate.

But really, it isn't the weight so much as how you're made...I've seen the same weight on two people and they look completely different.


EAT UP. Worry later.

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