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Originally Posted by BlaK-Argentina View Post
I play electric guitar in my band, too.
What guitar and equipment do you own? Do you play lead guitar?
I'd love to hear something by your band.
My equipment is as ****ty as it gets. I have an ESP (LTD) Eclipse I've had four five years now that would make for an excellent second guitar, but I'm definitely going to get something more versatile and different in the near future.

I had a Marshall MG100 head with a 4 x 12 cab before I went off to school and sold that for money. Now I'm looking at a Fender FM100 and cab at a local music store. It's 859.00 retail, they got it for 499.00 - but the guy said he would probably cut me a deal.

Right now I just have my practice amplifier. I'm very poor right now.

I've never personally bought any effects pedals, but the other guitar player in our little shindig has several, (Boss DS-1, Blues Driver, Wah, Delay, etc.) that we fool around with. He has several amps, and recently purchased two mesa boogie 2x12 extension cabs. So we share a lot of equipment when we're together.

It's unlikely we'll bring up everything we had back to school due to the drummer and guitarist being in separate dorms now, me doing my own thing and our friend that plays bass just doesn't seem interested really anymore.

We never recorded anything, but just got together over the past year and played together wherever we could, whenever we could.

The drummer wants me to move off campus with him this next year and get a house so we can finally start practicing when we want without any hassle, and to actually write some good material without having any distractions.

So my equipment is definitely in flux right now. Hopefully next summer when I get more hours and have a lot more free time to work - I'll be able to make a couple of grand and spend perhaps half of it on getting a nice guitar and some accessories, pending what I do with the cash I'll be getting from my job this summer and the loan money that will probably get refunded back to me.

We'll see what happens, and I'll definitely keep you up to date.
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