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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I don't think we'd really have a defined genre of what we play. We have a lot of influences, and so many diverse ones. It's not a "done deal" with the band, but we jam a lot.

I don't get into the whole genre thing really because music to me is music. Some of the stuff we jammed to and wrote out was soft, melodic rock. Some of it was funky, like Phish - and sometimes we just got the shred on. I think having a mindset or an idea on what kind of music a band makes limits yourself as a musician and the band as a whole from what you can really do.

For us, it's about good times, having fun and coming together for a common cause.

One day we might decide to write something in a simple ass time signature, but other days we might switch it up.

Whatever the day brings really.

That's cool.
You forgot to tell me what instrument you play though.
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