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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I'm thinking about just eating a lot of fruits, and drinking water. . . for this whole next month.

Or is that a bad idea?
Well, if you want to live longer it might work. Radical caloric restriction is probably the fountain of youth ... truly. But make sure you get some protein. I'm into no-sugar peanut butter now: "Ingredients: Peanuts, peanut oil (Caution: may contain bits of peanuts)" Not too much though. Funny how the fat-is-okay, carbs-are-the-enemy Atkins approach is incorporated into this ...

Science edges closer to fountain of youth
Researchers, firms target diet-gene link
By Ronald Kotulak
Tribune science reporter

Having succeeded in using a trick of nature to dramatically increase the life span of every creature it's been tried on, scientists believe they are finally on track to develop tools that can fend off the aging process in humans and prolong their lives.

The trick is calorie restriction: When animals eat less, they live longer. It's thought to be nature's way of enabling an organism to survive long enough to reproduce in times of food scarcity.

The process works by triggering genes that inhibit the damage associated with aging, thus prolonging life. In the last few years, powerful new molecular and genetic tools have allowed these longevity genes to be identified at a rapid pace, boosting the field of aging research to new heights.

Scientists are so emboldened by the discoveries that many are racing to form companies with the specific goal of discovering drugs or nutrients that will slow aging the same way calorie restriction does but without the agony of going on a food-restricted diet.

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