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Originally Posted by telluride View Post

But I'd argue that it is football related. We need more football chat on here. You guys are mocking the other board and their "what will be the first play" thread, but that actually might generate some interesting discussion. To wit:

I was disappointed in 'Dinger's play calling this past year -- and this after having been a Dinger fan in his previous stint here. So was his poor playcalling due to Plummer's limitations? The poor line play? The RB shortcomings? Or that Shanny was actually still calling things?

Shanny runs a ol' boy system with most of his staff. Dinger was only a WR coach when he was here, Kubes, Gibbs and Turner had more to do with the O than Dinger. When he left where did he really have great success?? One season out of NY and they turned around the O completely. The Titans weren't setting the league on fire either.

I think Shanny's still running the show, Dinger will send him plays and such and Shanny's the one who pull the trigger. Last year they were hampered by the talent we had. You have to play to your strengths and last year our team didn't have too many of them on offense at least.
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