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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Haha...i remember that.....Malkin was also in a Kings uni last year.

When are you doing your JMFJ interview, dude? Did you get any word? I hope that guy doesnt just give you the busy can he be...I mean he's JMFJ and all, but come on, he can spare half an hour.
That's put on hold for awhile, I have a couple answers to the questions but I'm extremely busy and haven't had the time to stop and call him. I literally have been all over Colorado this week vacationing and last night was at the Rockies game for the fireworks. Something for you to chew on regarding JMFJ via his buddy...
The last 3 days I have been at the Johnson's house. In this time I learned Jack's routine everyday: Wake up early and meet the personal trainer at the gym, break for lunch, run a mile, and then workout again.

Jack and his trainer do upper body and lower body workouts on alternating days to keep him fresh and able to train every day. Jack literally trains every day of the week.

At different points he has worked out with 6-time gold medalist Michael Phelps and former All-American and Oakland Raider Tyrone Wheatley. There are machines in the gym that do not carry enough weight for Jack, forcing the trainer to add manual resistance to provide a sufficient challenge. I worked out with Jack all 3 days of my visit and can say that his training regimen is more rigorous than I have ever seen. You know how people watch Rocky and feel amped to go work out? I think Sylvester Stallone watched one of these workouts to get himself prepared to workout for the latest Rocky sequel. They are intense.

At one point, the trainer said "let's stop at 9 reps" and Jack refused, saying, "I am not done yet" before ripping off another 10. Jack is both extremely strong and fast; outrunning members of the Michigan track team AFTER his 3-hour weight lifting session.

The weekend was almost exclusively working out and spending time with FSN West, who is doing a story on Jack (set to air near the start of the regular season). I might make an appearance in that video if they choose to use an excerpt from my interview.

When I spoke with the trainer off to the side during a break (for us, not Jack, who does not take breaks during the sessions), I asked her if Jack's regimen was somewhat normal for an athlete. She laughed, saying, "I have worked with Olympic gold medalists and NFL first rounders, and none of them approach this kid's work ethic and raw strength and ability".

This morning involved a lighter session of jogging, stretching, and brief abdominal workouts. This evening, Jack returns to the full fledged upper body workout. As usual, the gym will be just him and the trainer. During this morning's session, Jack let me take a few videos of him for the purpose of posting on LGK. In the future, I will get videos of the more intense exercises to which I referenced above (i.e. heavy weight lifting). For now, these brief clips of the lighter workout will have to do.

The purpose of this post is to make you all realize what type of regimen Jack is on right now. He will literally slug me in the arm for going into this much detail about it here (the guy is shy about his training), but you all deserve to know just how ready this kid is going to be. He is determined to be the best defenseman in the game, and while that will not happen right away, I would not want to be the one telling him he can't be one day... and soon. .flv .flv
I do need to get in touch with him again soon but we are probably looking at the end of the month because I am off on vacation for awhile and Jack has prospects camp this coming sunday etc. I hope to get a sitdown interview when they come to Denver for the Preseason game. We'll see, its a ways down the road though.


BTW Socal ,JMFJ is still PISSED about that Bulis play.

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