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Riley Dixon

Well, I am at sort of a disadvantage taking over Slap's team and having to catch up and all. But anyways, I can think of no better player to take as a sixth man than the best sixth man of all time (not to mention, one of the best nicknames of all time)...

Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson

"Johnson earned the nickname "the Microwave" from Boston Celtics guard Danny Ainge for his ability to score many points in a short period of time (i.e., Johnson could heat up the offense of the team in short order) and his "instant defense".

Because I'm jumping in late, I put everyone's teams into a spreadsheet so that I wouldn't take anyone already chosen. However, if I do, please don't hate!

Flying Lithuanians

PG - Dennis Johnson
SG - Jerry West
SF - Rick Barry
PF - Kevin McHale
C - Bob Lanier
G - Vinnie Johnson
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