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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Mtbrncofn View Post
I just got back from this mini-vacation and was watching the bottom line on ESPN news and saw the Avs signed Scot Hannan. I thought that was cool, flipped back to a different channel and back again and saw the Smyth signing.

Ryan Smyth?!! WOW!! I almost couldn't be happier with these 2 signings. The only thing it tells me is that Forsberg won't be back with the Avs in all likelihood, which really does bum me out. I hope I'm wrong.
Eh....I don't know about that....if he were to come back, it would prolly be on a 1 or 2 yr. deal anyway, so its not really a matter of jeopardizing the long term cap, its just a one shot type of deal, it would just be a matter of squeezing him into this year's balance sheet. I dunno how far under the cap you guys were coming into today, but depending on the figures...for a one year deal its entirely possible.
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