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Awesome that we got Hannan and Smyth. Two guys that killed the Avs in the past and two types of players the Avs needed; a defensive defenseman and a forward who can score garbage goals. Now we just need for Foppa's ankle to heal properly and sign him to round of the team.

Love the first two lines:


Add a healthy Leopold and Hannan to a blueline that played much better in the last quarter of the season. I can't wait for training camp to roll around, both Avs and Broncos!!!

On another note, it's a shame that this thread is stuck in a sub-forum that nobody checks. Hockey fans already get the short end of the stick in America when it comes to coverage. How many Versus jokes have you seen in the last few months? Bill Simmons continually kills this league in his columns and chats. If ESPN rams any more NBA crap down my throat I'm going to puke.
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