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Shaq Barrett

Originally Posted by claviculasolomonis View Post
We DO. We influence board policy through our numbers. If enough people b**** about something, policy is changed. Taboos are set by society, we are a "society" - we set the taboos.
In a sense, you are right. But this is not a democracy here. This is someone else's message board, and I get to post here for free. Therefore, IMO, it's my PRIVELEDGE to post here......NOT my right.

The owner/mods can have any rules they want.....if enough people REALLY thought the rules were bad, then they'd go find somewhere else to post. And if the mods don't want "subscribership" to drop, then yes, they would "listen" to the masses......

I just don't see that many "unhappy" people I go back to my original statement that this is a pretty damn well run place.....
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