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Chris Harris

Slap is a cockmunch sometimes.

Garcia is a troll sometimes.

Beerslug whines all the time.

Slap was banned for being a cockmunch by Garcia the mod, not Garcia the troll. Beerslug whines because his political threads are moved to the appropriate forum. Mods will from time to time move political threads of great importance to the main forum for a short period of time, or allow some important political threads to remain on te main forum but generally leave propaganda threads relegated to the propaganda forum. Beerslug whines about this because Garcia enforces the rules.

militia is right, the offseason is ****ing gay around here.

What I want to know is this. How come me telling Taco where he can stick a male body part merits a one month ban but Slap actively threatening people and wishing ill will on others only merits a one week ban? Where is the justice in that?
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