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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
Don't worry JMFJ will take care him, Crosby, and Malkin. Right Socal?
Haha...we will see, I am glad I went to the game at Staples this year, it is prolly the last time I will be able to see the team for several years. Damn scheduling system......I really want to see 87 vs. 78.
OM Mock Draft- New Orleans GM
1A. Jaelen Strong, WR Arizona State
1B. Clive Walford, TE Miami (Fla.)
2. Eli Harold, 3-4 OLB Virginia
3A. Tre Jackson, G Florida State
3B. Jeff Luc, ILB Cincinnati
4. Senquez Golson, CB Ole Miss
5. David Parry DT, Stanford
7A. Miles Dieffenbach, G Penn St.
7B. Deion Barnes, 3-4 OLB Penn St.

Ray Drew, DE Georgia
Rob Crisp, OT NC State
Chris Harper, WR Cal
Curtis Grant, LB Ohio State
Brison Williams, S S. Carolina
DT Shackleford, LB Ole Miss
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