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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
I'm alright with what the Avs did overall. I'm warming up to the Shattenkirk pick, though I still would have rather seen them swing for the fence with Cherepanov or Esposito in round one.

They went heavy on college kids again and didn't take a Euro until the 6th round. They certainly addressed their organizational needs early (defense, goaltending), showing that, at least for this draft, their philosophy has shifted.

Here's a fun fact. Avs 2nd rounder Colby Cohen is Jeremy Bloom's cousin.
I think the lack of a transfer agreement scared the Avs off, as it did with other teams. Mayorov also fell to the beginning of the fourth round. IMO Eller was the guy the Avs were targeting, but Shattenkirk was high on their list. Love the Patterson and Galiaradi picks. If the Avs had a stronger farm system, I would have been more comfortable taking a gamble. All in all, I think Colorado did well for themselves in this draft.
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