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More trouble at the Seattle Downtown YMCA today.

The hallways have lots of photos there, and for the most part I supress my rage at their self-important preening. But the one below was just too much. Take a close look ... notice? These dumb bastards win a couple of basketball championships, and suddenly they're so full of themselves they decide they can write just "'98, 99, 00" ... like they're the only team that will ever win a Pacific Northwest Championship.

LOOK AT THEIR SMIRKING FACES!!! ... their words BURN in my ears: "Not but a moment, Jebediah, thee shant write out EIGHTEEN and ninety-nine, not but shorten the inscription to a mere 99." "Alas, ye speak truth, Caleb. There shant but ever be such a championship again without our stout and hardy sextet upon the wooden floor!"

Okay, I get it ... these guys are still crappin' outdoors, but suddenly they have a stranglehold on what we in 1999 and 2000 can accomplish, huh? I'll tell you one thing, WE figured out to cut a HOLE in the bottom of the bushel basket so we do NOT have to "fetch but the ladder after each basket that be suceessfull."

Dumb bastards.

I complained at the front desk, but they said there was nothing they could do.


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