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Champ Bailey

With what I have so far, the BiochemNerd Parade will run a fast break offense under the leadership and decisionmaking of one of the greatest point guard minds of all time in Cousy. All of my bigs in the lineup can run the floor, and Dirk can set up anywhere from the elbow to the three-point line while Garnett and Russell make their way toward the rim. Dirk is a master at the fake-and-go, so you can count on both Dirk and Cous scrambling the defense on the perimeter.

It is not necessary for these guys to put up a shot quickly, because of the outsanding pick'n'roll, pick'n'pop options on the floor and the outstanding technical ability of Russell and Garnett to convert off of entry passes.

Cous and Dirk run the outside game, Garnett and Russell on the inside. Unstoppable.
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