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Originally Posted by Master___Pain View Post
Dammit. I was hoping KG would continue to slide. llama has a pretty good interior D going with KG and Russell. Couple of great shot blockers. Sorry for getting on your case Jens, I just did not want someone that was asleep at the wheel getting a good pick *cough*Ludo*cough* (Amare over KG?!) Anyway, great pick llama, that's some of the best value in this entire draft.
There were a few guys I was looking at there, and I was really expecting one of the younger guys to key in on KG before I could take him. I thought about taking him over Dirk, but Dirk is the superior offensive player and a better clutch performer, and I had Russell manning the interior who is perhaps the top defensive player in NBA history. Dirk and KG are two sides of the same coin. It's funny that they have played in the same era. I'm very happy to have them both on my team representing their respective roles in a dynamic change in the forward position within their era and NBA history.
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