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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
Anyway, I'm holding steady now at 198, which is a loss of about 57 pounds in slightly less than 9 months. Just like you mentioned, I tend to eat a little more often, but in much smaller portions.

I was planning on doing a lot of bike riding this summer, but that hasn't panned out for various reasons. I'd still like to drop three more pounds to make it an even -60.
Sorry, I missed the last part of your post. That's what worries me. I'm having knee surgery (that I keep putting off - it's now set for July 25th), and I am going to be almost completely inactive for awhile. I will be able to do stuff to build strength and flexibility in the knee, but that won't do much for the rest of my body. I really don't want to balloon up.

57 pounds in 9 months is great, though - just a little over a pound a week, so it shouldn't be as hard to keep it off when you're done.
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