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Sassy...try not to concentrate too much on the scale.

1. This could be due to you bulding muscle at the same rate you are losing fat. Fat has more mass than muscle (it's bigger for the same weight). So, if that is the case, you will lose inches but not lose 'weight' per se.

2. You've hit a plataeu. Calculate what your caloric intake is and what you use in your workouts. The less you weight the less calories you burn. So, when you hit that plateau, you may have to shake things up a bit. Your body might have gotten used to the exercise you are doing and not burning as many calories it used to when you started it. So, you have to increase the distance and level of exertion plus you may have to decrease our caloric intake again. (don't go lower than 1200 calories per day for a woman, though).

Typically when you do the same excercise routine week after week, your body gets used to it and compensates for it. Typically it is suggested that you switch up your routine every 4 weeks. It means that you might just need to add more hills, a different excercise such as a run, aerobics, elliptical, etc. Also, you might need to add a weight training routine as well. Try different things.
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