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Originally Posted by Master___Pain View Post
Nice pick CO. He was one of the three I had targeted when I selected Nique. Great pick. It's interesting to see guys like lebron,dirk and Wade go this early. All immensely talented, but in the top 36 players of all time? I dunno about that quite yet.
I think that Dirk has the resume to enter into the conversation. He still has the years to continue to improve on that resume. Dirk is a historically unique player, only approximately similar to a few guys...Bob Petit, Bob McAdoo. A Championship is really all that Dirk is missing, and he'll have several shots to take care of that over the next 4-5 seasons.

LeBron is interesting, because he has no historical comparison. He's somewhere in-between Magic Johnson, Charles Oakley (strength), and Dominique Wilkins and could eventually end up the best player ever, but he doesnt have the resume quite yet. I am pretty confident that although LeBron had a disappointing showing in the finals, and undoubtedly will have some disappointments along the way, that he will ultimately in his prime be a completely unique and unstoppable force.
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