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M. Salah

Originally Posted by Master___Pain View Post
Nice pick CO. He was one of the three I had targeted when I selected Nique. Great pick. It's interesting to see guys like lebron,dirk and Wade go this early. All immensely talented, but in the top 36 players of all time? I dunno about that quite yet.
For me personally, it's a size issue. Who in history would be able to guard LeBron with his size and speed at the point? Magic probably, but who else? Same with Shaq. I don't want to put down other centers through time, but I don't know which one of them could really handle Shaq. Granted, could Shaq handle them on D? Debatable. But being 7 feet tall and like 300 pounds, that is a monster of a man.

As much as we hammer Dirk on this board, llama is putting him at SF. Who in the history of the game could deal with a 7-footer who could rain 3's at the SF position?

Obviously, some legends have been passed up, and they were great, and had phenomenal career stats. MVPs, All-Star games galore. But IMO some of these kids could play with them right now.
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