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Here's the inevitable:

The Current NBA Most Valuable Player:


Nowitzki has revolutionized the PF position, and simultaneously opened the door for foreign players to assume starring roles on NBA teams. It's a phenomenon akin to an American soccer player showing up in Europe and becoming a world superstar.

Nowitzki has been the key element in the turning around of a Dallas franchise that was a perennial lottery team. Since Dirk's arrival, he has led the Mavericks to the playoffs 7 out of his 9 seasons including a trip to the NBA Finals. During that stretch in the playoffs, he displayed the type of performances that very few have achieved before him, including a 50 point game to put his team ahead in the second half of the 2005-2006 Conference Finals and a legendary performance in game 7 of the classic Mavs/Spurs tilt.

Nowitzki has become the model for a whole new type of player: the versatile, scoring, elbow-oriented big. Dirk is quite possibly the greatest big man shooter of all-time.

Dirk is the only player in NBA history to have both blocked 100 shots and made 150 three pointers. Dirk is the reigning NBA MVP. Dirk has been a 7-time All-NBA selection. Dirk has been a 6-time all-star, and the only European player to ever start an all-star game. Dirk is the only player to win the MVP Award to have never played in a US preparatory school or college. Dirk has joined Rick Barry and Larry Bird as the only players in NBA history to score 26+ points and shoot 90% FT in a season. Became the second player in NBA history to lead the league in Win Shares for three consecutive seasons (the only other was Micheal Jordan).

From Wikipedia:
Named MVP and was the leading scorer of the 2002 Basketball World Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana, winning the bronze medal with the German national team
Named MVP and was the leading scorer of the 2005 European Championship, winning the silver medal with the German national team
Named FIBA European Basketball Player of the Year in 2005.
Named European Basketball Player of the Year by Italian sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport for five years in a row: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Runner-up in the 2005 edition of Germany's Athlete of the Year Award (Sportler des Jahres)
He is the tallest NBA player to win the 3-point shootout at 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m).
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