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Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
Well I just found it funny that an Avalanche fan is saying it is a stupid hire because he hasn't had any playoff success in recent years...yet your team hires Joel Chokeville who is notorious for taking a crap in the playoffs.
I'm not exactly what you'd call a big Quenneville fan, but I'd much rather he be in charge of my favorite team than Keenan. I'm not just talking about a lack of playoff success, Keenan has a sub .500 regular season record in that timeframe as well.

13 years of poor results is anything but "recent." Especially when you're talking about a whopping two playoff appearances in that time frame.

He is taking over a team that has a solid scorer, goaltender, defenseman and they almost knocked off the top seed in the playoffs. Just needs to add a couple pieces and by the way Calgary isn't as bad as you make them out to be. Keenan is familiar with Sutter so that helps. It's all speculation as to what will happen with Keenan and Calgary, he is in a better situation than in the past is all I am saying.

I never said Calgary was bad, but they're not the elite team you're portraying them to be. Their trip to the Finals was three years ago and they've been trending downward since. Coaching may be one of the issues that's caused it, but Mike Keenan is one of the last people I'd think they'd want leading their team since his antiquated style and abrasive personality have made him a failure in his last four jobs.

I'm curious to see how the hyper-sensitive Alex Tanguay takes to Keenan's rough style. He didn't respond well to the tough love of Bob Hartley at all when he was here.
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