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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
Since he won his one and only Stanley Cup in 1994, he's led the myriad of teams he's coached to a grand total of 2 playoff appearances and neither of those went further than the 2nd round. I don't care what he did 20, 15 or 13 years ago, he's been a miserable failure everywhere he's been for over a decade.
I just find this hilarious...not even gonna go there.

What the Flames have are two superstars (Iginla & Kipper) who will be UFA's one year from now. With Keenan's penchant for alienating players and playing musical goaltenders, Sutter had better be very conscious of what's going on between his coach and his top players, as they might be reluctant to re-sign if Keenan's going to be there for the forseeable future.
It's all speculation, as long as he wins in Calgary I don't see a problem there.
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