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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
Yeah, you're happy right now, seemingly so are most when Keenan is first hired for some reason. Get back to me a year from now when Flames fans will be calling for Keenan's head on a platter en masse. He doesn't bounce from job to job like the NHL's version of Larry Brown for no reason.

That guy has to have made a fortune on buy outs from being fired. I'm surprised that he's been able to milk that one Stanley Cup he won 13 years ago into so many jobs that ended miserably, yet teams keep on hiring him.
I disagree, Keenan can be a good coach when put in the right situation. He led the Flyers to the Cup finals in 87' and took the Chicago Blackhawks to the 92' Finals. He made some stupid moves when he was with the Blues, Vancouver, Boston. I think the Flames have the pieces to be successful and "Iron Mike" should have the pieces he needs. I think the player that will benefit the most is Phaneuf, a young kid with a wild style that needs to be straightened out.
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