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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Tredici View Post
I lived/worked in the LA Area for about 8 years. Got a note from one of my friends there yesterday who said. A Stanley Cup for Southern Cal and he only knew one person who was mildly interested. -- Another one of our old colleagues who is a King's fan...

I remember we had seats to the old Forum. When the Lakers or Kings were winning our phones rang all the time. When they were losing we literally couldn't give the tickets away.

Oh well, the good thing is, while a lot of people jump on the bandwagon because they hear theres a winner in the neighborhood the sport will grab ahold of a few of them and they'll cheer or curse from this point on.
Champ you rip the OC on our ducks but i wonder what LA would be like. First, if a parade was to be had, they would have to cancel it as they would still be cleaning the streets from bonfires, tipped cars, broken glass, trash (probably there b4 the game anyways) and scoop up the murdered. Cops had no problem after the win and very few problems when the Angels won it. Yes, Denver came out with huge numbers for the Avs. Hardly any native californian grew to like hockey based on the teams playing not having it as a youngster. Baseball covers whites and mexicans here in OC. I didnt see too many Latinos being at the game and a few coming for the free celebration party. And yes, the wieners and sodas were good! Pennywise and The Blasters played so there! And we had the governator there also.

Concerning signings, we are loaded at goalie and francois is still young. Cap will be going up so i wont worry about our stud sophomores for awhile.

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