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Originally Posted by Lynchmob72 View Post
Why dont you use gel?
It's a waste of time and you get a closer shave dry. What people forget is that when you put water and gel (or shaving cream) on your face to moisten the hair, you also open up the pores in your face. When you face is dry, the pores remain more closed and tighter and you can get a closer shave. But that's not why I started shaving dry. I actually went to work one day and did not have time to shave at home so I just grabbed a razor and took it with me and figure I would shave in the bathroom at work with some soap. The soap was out and the sink was not working. I couldn't look like a bum so I shaved dry. Thankfully I shaved the day before and the razor was new. I thought it would hurt or burn really bad but I was very surprised at how little it burned. No cuts or anything. I liked how fast I shaved (didn't want anybody to come in and see me shaving so I scraped in 30 seconds) so I did it the next day and then have kept doing it. I no longer buy shaving cream or gel. Try it once. Make sure you get a good shave the day before, then use a new razor (slim twin) and use short strokes and go with the grain and be tough the first time. You might even want to slap yourself in the face a few times first, sorta get you in the mood for it.
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