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This is where Major League umpires make zero sense.

On Friday night, Alfonso Soriano hit three home runs. The Braves supposedly weren't too pleased with the way he stood at home plate and admired his shots (the B*rry B*nds pose which no one ever takes him to task for). Tim Hudson then plunked Soriano with the first pitch of the next game on Saturday, nothing happens. Soriano was crossing the diamond after an out later in the game and said something to Hudson, nothing happens. No warnings, nothing.

Fast forward to tonight. The umpires issue no warnings before the game. Ted Lilly strikes out the first two batters he faces and then plunks Edgar Renteria. Lilly gets ejected for it. Remember, there were no warnings issued, but Lilly gets tossed immediatly. Now why does Lilly get tossed when Hudson, who was obviously throwing at Soriano, get nothing?

But wait, there's more.

Renteria goes to first, takes off for second on the first pitch and reaches out and deliberately smacks the Cubs shortstop in the face while he was sliding into second. This happens with an umpire standing three feet away and nothing happens.

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