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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Mtbrncofn View Post
Huh, that was disappointing. Oh well, congrats bcj.
I will let Burke know that you are proud of him. Just got back from the game and was sweeeeet. I even got my ticket upgrade and used my trick to get someone in before the 3rd period for $100. He offered $200 but I felt in the giving mood. He came all alone from Utah just to try to get into the game. There he was looking through the window getting ready to watch the 3rd period when I saved him from the outside looking in. See Pez, I could have got you in cheap.

24, If AEG keeps spreading their company all around, you can guarantee that they wont give a rat's A$$ about getting the Kings to the level that the Ducks are on. You are going to continue to be like what the Disney Clan thought of their Ducks team.
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