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Originally Posted by Jori View Post
Dumping Yashin was a move that had to be made. The mistake was not buying him out during the summer of 2005 when they would have avoided the cap hit.

On the "I hope Francois Giguere Doesn't Sign" list....Yashin #1...Souray #2.
I'm mixed on Souray. His defensive shortcomings are worrisome (I have mild Sandis Ozolinsh flashbacks when I think about him sometimes) but his cannon from the point would be a welcome addition. I'd probably pass on him just because of the inflated market for UFA defenSeimian. If you're going to overpay (which you will with just about anyone in free agency), make sure you're getting the goods.

I've loathed Yashin since his days as a habitual holdout in Ottawa, so naturally I want no part of him.
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