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Originally Posted by chadta View Post

7th paragraph, "While the original capacity of the Mellon Arena was 10,500, these and other renovations over the past three decades have increased that number to over 17,000."

once again im sorry, i didnt realize you knew more about the arena then the arena people themselves, looks more like 64% to me, but keep living in your dream world. Oh wait you guys use the jacksonville tarp over the seats so they dont really exist trick dont ya ?

but just for ****s and giggles, if your team has such die hard fans, why has the team been bankrupt twice ?

Bad financial decisions by ownership pre-mario - like the outragous lease for the mellon.

It's ok - you are a ****tard -so have a good day while you dream of crosby kicking the flyers ass all the time. He's a flyer killer!!!!
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