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Simon Fletcher

Bronx33 article.....

The average regular-season Red Wings ticket cost $43.13, according to Team Marketing Report, but the cheapest first-round playoff ticket was $63 and the top was $144. That increased with each round and topped out at $225 for the conference finals. The Pistons sold 1,000 tickets for the first round at $12 each and their lowest price for the conference finals is $24.

My first round tickets were $22, round 2 $31, round 3 $39 and Finals are $48. I thought prices were set by what you paid for each season ticket. My finals ticket is cheaper than their first round tickets. I remember when the Rockies were the hot item and the Avs came to town and won the Cup. Got a call from the Broncos that my "long" 9 month wait on the waiting list was over. Detroit needs to watch out because this can happen with the upsurge of the Tigers and the consistent play of the Pistons. Add bad economy in Detroit and RWs might be in trouble.
24ChampBailey, I hate cats so let us hope the Ducks continue to embarass the Kings and their fans! Maybe this is why Mock hasnt been around. After game one, Beezer was taken by the Almighty.
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