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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Eight more pounds? I thought 205 was the magic number ... you say 203 and I'm thinking it's time for a guilt-free KFC or T-Bone steak.
Eight more? When does it end, OD?! A stiff wind might cause you trouble soon ...

Serious, congrats - you are a shining example.

I didn't think I'd break the 205 barrier quite this fast. (I'm actually at 202 right now.) I don't feel much urgency at this point, and I already have "cheated" with a big dinner here or there, but my daily routine has turned into more or less of a habit. There's no reason to change it, so I'm just going to stay with it and see what happens. The rate of weight loss should slow down from here on out anyway.

I'll be rooting for the rest of you folks!
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