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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
ok so the hockey hotbed of california can have 3 teams but we cant have 3 in ontario ? I can see how drawing from a population of 800,000 would be better then drawing from a population of almost 8 million would be better, im giving a range of 50 miles or so on this. The only downside i see to another ontario team is that the sabres would pretty well be finished.

Altho honestly, if the nhl put half the effort into saving the team in winnipeg as it did saving the penguins there would still be a team there. I can only imagine how happy the people in philly are, not only do they get to pay the penguins salaries thanks to revenue sharing, but now they get to pay for a new arena with there taxes too.
Get it straight - we are paying for it with gambling income - not just a tax. So if you don't gamble, you don't pay for it really. The only thing the NHL did was tell basillie that if he were going to move the pens - it was going to be more trouble than not. Not to mention the pens % for attendance, even when they sucked wasn't as bad as other teams that were better.
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