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Pirate Giraffe

Believe me, what he did was far worse than what Pronger did. BUt you seem to want to divert attention from Pronger's cheap shot rather than deal with it. I'm not saying he's a dirty player (though anyone who has ever watched him for ANY length of time knows he's as chippy as they come) but he is a physical player who loses control. If Pronger was 6'2 is irrelevant. Pronger is 6'6" and is aware that elbows to the head are illegal, yet still does it. It's his job to make accommodations for his height. Chara has the same responsibility, it goes with playing the game.

Blaming the player for not having his helmet on properly is going off the deep end. I understand Brian has to do anything he can to win the series but that's just foolish, IMO. The reason he's not lathered up and lashing out loudly is because he probably knows that Pronger's action demands the suspension he got.

Homer probably saved Pronger from a longer suspension by getting back into the game.

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