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Originally Posted by smalltowngrll View Post
So, here is the link to the race I'm training for! This weekend is a 7 miler and next weekend it's my 9 miler. I'll take Memorial Weekend and just do short runs then the first weekend in June will be a 14 miler. After that, I'll taper down until race day. Pacific Crest Half Marathon

I'm defnitely not going for any specific times...this is more for the enjoyment and the feeling of accomplishing this race once again! I ran this two years ago, so I know the course. My goal for the year was to run to half marathons, so my next one will most likely be the Bend Marathon & Half Marathon. That one is in October. Last time I ran that one without much training. So, I know that I can do this even if I didn't have the long runs in! It's in my blood!!
You go girl! I'm having chest pains just thinking about that
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